Galaxy Baby Carrier, Red

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  • Certified as per European Standard EN 13209 which makes this product safe for little ones
  • 3 Carrying positions
  • Removable Head Support with Cushion, to provide additional comfort, protection and support to the baby’s head



Now take your baby out of the house without any hassle or worries in this convenient LuvLap baby carrier. It is great for your baby to explore the surroundings safely while feeling emotionally secure. Made of premium quality breathable fabric, with multi carrying positions and adjustable belts make sure both baby and parent is most comfortable. Close carrying has been scientifically proven to help your baby grow up to be secure, intelligent, family oriented and happy. So whether it is to do small chores or to meet friends, you can take your baby out with you every time.


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Age & Carry Weight

Baby Carrier is Suitable for 6 to 15 months, maximum carry weight up to 12 kgs

As Per European Standard EN 13209

Ensures the safety & performance of the carrier.

Cushioned Comfort

Soft Cushioned Seat with padded Arm and Leg Hole openings, makes it a comfy place for your baby to be in.

3 in 1 Carrying Positions

Helps parents carry baby in the inward facing, outward facing, feeding and Piggy back positions

3 Carry Belts

2 Shoulder Belts & 1 Waist Belt, for Maximum comfort

Adjustable Padded Belts

Wide, Cushioned Shoulder Belts & Waist Belt for Superior Lumbar Support

Detachable Padded Head Support

Provides additional comfort & support to baby’s Head

Adjustable Side Opening buckle

Helps to insert baby easily into the carrier. It is adjustable as per the size and comfort of baby

Detachable Bib

Soft Bib to keep both the baby and parent dry and clean


  • Comfortable Cushioned interiors with cushioned inner seat, armholes and leg openings for the baby’s comfort
  • Adjustable Side opening Buckle, to ensure safety and comfort
  • Soft Bib, to keep both the baby and parent dry and clean
  • 3 Sturdy Padded Shoulder & Waist belts, which provides excellent lumbar support to parent


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