Sunshine Electric Breast Pump

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  • For gentle and effective expression of Breast Milk
  • 2 phase operation: Massage & Expression l Adjustable intensity and frequency of modes
  • Additional 2 in 1 mode for a pre-set combination of massage and expression. Boost-up button to increase suction intensity



LuvLap Sunshine Electric Breast Pump is designed to mimic a baby’s natural breastfeeding rhythm, making expression a pleasant experience for the mother. The soft silicone massage cushion along with 2 pumping stages of massage & expression help to give a natural-like experience. Expression mode has 5 intensity levels, and the 2 in 1 mode operates automatically on a combination of stimulation and expression. The Boost-up button increases the suction intensity at any level from 10-30%. The AA battery operation option gives you freedom to use the pump anywhere.


Soft Silicone Cushion with Massage Petals

The Silicone Cushion ensures a snug and comfortable fit on the mother’s breast. The petal design helps to mimic a baby’s natural sucking rhythm gently massaging the breast during expression.

2-Phase Pumping Feature

The Breast Pump follows a 2-phase cycle of Massage & Expression, which is designed to mimic a baby’s natural suckling rhythm. Expression mode has a further 5 level intensity increase feature to suit individual requirements

Anti Backflow Valve

A Silicone Diaphragm separates the motor tube from the milk collection unit, ensuring zero chances of milk flowing into the motor tube, and causing contamination.

Convenient USB Charging

The Breast Pump has a convenient USB Charging port, which means that you can charge it with literally anything. From AC adaptors, to power banks to laptops & even Car Chargers, we’ve got you covered. It can also run on AA batteries.

Tested & Approved by Moms

The LuvLap Breast Pumps have been extensively tried, tested and approved by Indian moms.

Safe & Hygienic

Our Breast Pumps are all made of Food Grade BPA Free Plastic and Silicone. All parts are safe for boiling and sterilizing


  • Soft silicone massage cushion ensures comfort
  • Closed pumping system prevents contamination via back-flow of milk into suction tube
  • Includes feeding teat and cap
  • Runs on AA batteries and AC Power I Auto Shut Off
  • BPA free, food grade material I 1 Year Warranty


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