How can your picky eater kid learn to eat at rest

How can your picky eater kid learn to eat at rest

How can your picky eater kid learn to eat at rest

By Arti Khatwani | July 14, 2020

Focus Product: 4-in-1 booster High Chair

“Where did she go?” asked a visibly tired Roma to her mother-in-law.

“Oh, she must be hiding somewhere, again! Toddlers are always this jumpy while having their meal. I remember how Anant used to keep running away in between bites…” replied her mother-in-law, Jayaji.

“If only we have a high-chair…” Roma said slowly.

“Oh, no, no, no! Why the need of a chair for a little baby? Every baby does this – run away and come back to eat again! I remember once Anant…”

Roma nodded with a polite smile and started searching for her one-year-old toddler, Amyra.

As she went through nooks and corners of every room, she could still hear her mother-in-law complete her story about how her husband Anant used to test Jayaji’s patience all the time by making her plead & wait for getting every little baby-task done.

Listening to “every child, every toddler, every baby” was turning into an unpleasant conversation these days, because all it did was make Roma feel helpless.

Being the modern woman she was, she did not like feeling that way.

“We live in the 21st century. We have so many discoveries & inventions! We have a solution to almost everything these days. Problems can be sorted with a touch on the phone, for crying out loud! I refuse to believe that parenting hasn't been given easy support-options as well…”

Jayaji was still going on about some other element of “Every toddler…” when Roma found Amyra hidden behind the curtain in her room, about to grab a dust ball to eat.

“Oh, nooooo!Amyra! Come here! Oh, you bad, bad baby…” flared Roma, in response to which, Amyra started to cry out loud.

“Awww! I am sorry, baby. I did not mean to alarm you. You should eat food when you are hungry, love. This dust ball is not for eating. It isn’t for anything! It needs to be cleaned, wait, let me just…”

As she put Amyra down, to clean the dust ball, she turned around only to find her baby missing yet again.

This time, she knew better than to go ask Jayaji.

When she found Amyra five minutes later, she took her into her room, fixed Amyra in between her legs and offered a bite to her child.

Surprisingly, Amyra ate.

But she started to cry a minute later at being held captive like this.

Roma’s frustration knew no bounds. She let go of her baby.

Amyra did not eat till midnight, went to sleep on an empty stomach and woke up thrice during the night in need of food.

After the third time, Roma did not go back to sleep after putting Amyra to bed. Instead, she went online to look up high chairs.

She scrolled through a lot of them before stopping on one that caught her eye.

It was a beautiful booster-cum-high-chair by a brand called LuvLap.

She read the details to realize that this was a 4-in-1 booster-cum-high chair.

As she read more and more about the features, a smile appeared on her face. She ordered it a couple of minutes later and happily went to sleep.

Two days later, when the Booster High Chair got delivered to her place, Jayaji’s disapproval was as visible as it was audible.

“Every child has grown up from our times without the need of a special chair…” Jayaji went on.

But Roma was too excited to open her child’s new meal-buddy.

As she assembled the chair into position, Amyra came crawling from behind. She held onto the legs of the chair and giggled with joy.

Jayaji’s ongoing speech took a break as she witnessed this.

Roma picked up her baby, carefully placed her in the chair, adjusted the tray to her child’s comfort, put on the safety harness on Amyra and sat down alongside with a bowl of fruit.

As Amyra turned the tray of the booster high chair into a table with her tap-tap-tap, Roma fed her child the entire fruit bowl with tears of joy sparkling in the corner of her eyes.

Amyra befriended this chair till the age of 3.5 years.

When at home, she would eat any vegetable placed on her tray. She would spill many a times, but given how the tray could be detached from the chair, Roma never mind the mess as long as her child was eating happily.

When going to a restaurant, Roma would detach the chair and take it as a booster seat for Amyra to eat on her own, that would allow Roma and Anant to eat in peace.

Yes, every child used to run around and eat decades ago.

Just like every child can take the benefit of this era of child-friendly apparatus available at the click of a button.

And if that eases a mother’s burden too, then is there any better reason to do so?

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