How breast pump helped me get through the toughest days of motherhood

How breast pump helped me get through the toughest days of motherhood

How breast pump helped me get through the toughest days of motherhood

By Poorvi Khare | July 14, 2020

When my son was born he was admitted to the NICU because of a blood infection. He had to stay there for almost 15 days before we could bring him home. Those were the hardest days of my life. Along with a recuperating body that involved after-birth pains, soreness, and hormonal shifts, I had to go through the emotional pain of separating from my baby and worrying about his recovery.

I could not feed my baby, as he wasn’t allowed to have breast milk for the first few days. But I had a good breast milk supply that was causing me discomfort; I was having pain and swelling due to engorgement.

When my baby was allowed breast milk after a few days, I had to express the milk so that the nurses could feed him. But expressing milk by hand when I was already having engorgement problems was turning out to be too painful, and I had to do it for many days. That’s when I decided to try a breast pump.

I had heard good things about LuvLap products from some of my friends, so I bought the LuvLap Manual Breast Pump and it worked out wonderfully for me and my baby. It was so easy to express and collect milk with it that I wondered why I waited this long to use it. I wouldn’t have had to go through such discomfort and pain. I used it to express milk until my baby was healthy enough to breastfeed.

Though I am a stay at home mother and didn’t need to use the breast pump daily, I did use it whenever I had to leave my baby for a few hours and especially during traveling. The LuvLap Manual Breast Pump came in very handy in those times when I was facing discomfort in feeding my baby due to swelling or soreness.

Here are a few features I love about LuvLap Manual Breast Pump:

  • Comfortable Soft Silicone Cushion
    The silicone cushions provide a snug and comfortable fit to the breast. The petal design mimics a baby’s natural sucking rhythm during expression.
  • Ergonomic Shape For Better Grip
    LuvLap Manual Breast Pump has an easy to hold design that ensures minimal stress on the hand while pumping. You can pump with only one hand easily.
  • Adjustable Suction Intensity
    This is one of the best features I find in LuvLap Manual Breast Pump and was quite impressed by the same. It offers 3 level section adjustment that lets you adjust the intensity of the suction according to your comfort and need. This really makes the process of pumping quite simple for me.
  • Easy Assembly And Cleaning
    Simple design and easy to assemble parts are a great plus. And, it makes cleaning them very easy.
  • 100% Sterilisable
    All parts of the LuvLap Manual Breast Pump can be sterilized. No need to worry about contamination.
  • Travel-Friendly Storage
    It comes with a travel pouch to carry and a good quality feeding teat and cap. I found it very helpful as we travel frequently.
  • BPA Free
     The LuvLap Manual Breast Pump is BPA free, freeing you of the worry about harmful chemicals.
  • Instruction Manual With The Device
    The breast pump comes with an easy to follow instruction manual which is necessary for first-time Moms.

If you are a new mother who is wondering whether you should go for a breast pump or not, I would recommend you to try it. I breastfed my baby until he was 2.5 years old. It was a beautiful journey and LuvLap Manual Breast Pump helped me make it easier and comfortable.

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