Electric Breast Pump- A New Mom’s Best Friend!

Electric Breast Pump- A New Mom’s Best Friend!

Electric Breast Pump- A New Mom’s Best Friend!

By Parul Jain | July 14, 2020

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Breast Milk- the baby’s first food is no ordinary food. Nature’s perfect food, it contains immunity- boosting antibodies that helps babies fight off viruses and bacteria. It contains everything the baby needs for the first 6 months of life, in all right proportions. It offers a range of benefits for health, growth, immunity and development.

We all know that breast milk is the best, but after feeding both my sons, let me tell you that breastfeeding isn’t always straightforward- and, as with any other new skill, there is a learning curve for both the mom and the baby. Personally, my breastfeeding journey has been extremely gratifying but with its own share of ups and downs. So, here are a few challenges that I faced and other than my husband, my LuvLap Electric Breast Pump has been my biggest support in overcoming them:-

  1. Baby is unable to breastfeed-Both my sons got diagnosed with jaundice soon after their birth and were admitted to NICU. It was not possible for me to directly feed them all the time. So I used to pump milk and send it to the hospital where nurses used to feed them. As I used to have 8 to 10 pumping sessions in a day, so my LuvLap Electric Breast Pump came to my rescue. After coming from the hospital, my younger one faced latching issues. There also, my pump was a life saviour and I never had to depend on formula milk.
  2. Some me-time- As a new mom, breastfeeding on demand 24/ 7 is really overwhelming. I remember after delivery, I badly wanted to rest for some time but with a newborn that was a huge challenge. So my husband encouraged me to express milk and decided to feed the baby while I took rest for some time. Later on too, expressing milk gave me some flexibility and freedom to move around. My sore nipples also used to get an occasional break and time to heal.
  3. Relieving breast engorgement and mastitis-There was a phase where my babies did not need all the milk I was producing and my breasts became engorged. Mighty painful it was! Pumping out the excess milk really relieved the discomfort and prevented me from suffering from mastitis.
  4. Overcoming flat or inverted nipples-Pumping for a bit helped me overcome the problem of flat or inverted nipples too.
  5. Bonding with the father- Right from the time my babies came into the world, my husband was able to bond beautifully with them as along with the other parenting chores he was able to feed them too.
  6. Addressing supply issues-Even after starting with solid foods, my milk supply was maintained because of regular pumping sessions. Pumping after each feeding session also helped me increase the supply. When I was concerned about the low supply, pumping helped me build a freezer stash of milk.
  7. Joining back work- Last but not the least, breast pump is a blessing for moms who want to join back work. With my elder son, I was able to continue breastfeeding upto almost 2 years because of my LuvLap Electric Breast Pump. Pumping at work these days has allowed my younger son to continue having the advantage of breast milk.

Choosing the right breast pump-

After taking a look at my lifestyle and my pumping needs, LuvLap Electric Breast Pump served as a perfect choice for me. As I had to pump frequently so a lot of time and effort was saved using it. Here a few features that I loved about my pump-

  1. Soft silicone massage cushion provides a snug and comfortable fit to the breast.
  2. Unique 3 operating modes for massage, stimulation and expression, designed for faster and comfortable milk flow. Each mode has 9 levels which can be adjusted as per my convenience.
  3. Comfortable seating during expressing, unlike other pumps, I don’t have to lean forward during expression.
  4. Smart memory system saves the pumping level and modes of the previous usage sessions, so it automatically switches modes according to my preference.
  5. Anti-back flow mechanism and anti-leakage prevents milk contamination and loss of milk due to leakage.
  6. The dual power source can be used with either main electric power or rechargeable battery.
  7. The pump comes with a manual kit, so if I require, I can simply attach the given handle and use the pump as manual.
  8. Small and lightweight base unit makes it easy to carry and use anytime. With a compact design, it is easy to hold and position at my breast.

My Luvlap Electric Breast Pump proved to be a blessing for me during my breastfeeding journey. Mommies, you can do your own research and choose the pump that serves best for you.

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