Check this blog before you buy a car seat for your child!

Check this blog before you buy a car seat for your child!

Check this blog before you buy a car seat for your child!

By Priyam Sharma | July 14, 2020

Focus Product: Sports Car Seat

Shopping with Dhruv is never easy! Who said women take time to shop!  Dhruv& I were at the mall, shopping for our close friend Shreya’s first born's gift. We had been in the mall for almost 2 hours but still could not reach a consensus regarding the gift.

We wanted to give something really useful to Kiara. Being parents to 2 kids we knew that most of the gifts would be clothes, diapers, toiletries or cash. Though cash sounded good, we wanted to keep a very personal touch by gifting our little Kiara something which reflected our tastefulness and thoughtfulness.

Finally the salesman approached us, sensing our dilemma. He took us to the other floor where there were baby prams, strollers, cycles and other useful products.

The salesman was informed and good at his job! Within a few minutes of interacting with us, he suggested we buy a car seat for Kiara.

“But it isn’t compulsory in India to install car seats!” I felt a little awkward as these words spontaneously came out of my mouth.

“Safety is compulsory everywhere ma’am! Believe me, a car seat would be one of the best gifts your friend would receive” the sales person was correct.

Perfect! This was one thing we hadn’t shopped for! One perk of being your friend's shopping companion is that you know what they don’t have!

The huge store had multiple options to choose from, however we loved the LuvLap Sports car seat the most. There were multiple reasons for choosing the LuvLap Sports car seat

I am listing few pointers to take care of while buying a car seat, to make things easier for fellow mommies:

  1. Safety: Safety is the key reason behind installing a car seat. It is of utmost importance to choose a Car seat that meets internationally accepted Safety Standards. The LuvLap Sports Car Seat we bought was certified as per European Safety Standards. It has a 5 point safety harness that secures the child from waist, shoulder and crotch, thus, ensuring that the child is safely seated in his/her car seat.
  2. Comfort: While safety is of utmost importance, a child will sit on a car seat only if he/she is comfortable. A car seat is used right from the time a child is born. It is imperative to ensure that the child is comfortable in the car seat. One thing that goes a long way in making the car seat comfortable for the child is soft padding on the harness. We ensured that the car seat we bought had soft padding not just on the straps but also on the head & seat. This also ensured that the child is safe in case of any sudden brake/jerk. The LuvLap Sports car seat also has 3 reclining positions -2 forward facing & 1 rearward facing position, which makes it highly suitable to the changing needs of infants & toddlers. The best utility aspect offered is that you don’t have to buy 2 different car seats for your child as he/she may be growing- the rear facing position can be used up to 15 months of age, whereas the front facing option can be used for babies from 9 months to 3 years old.
  3. Hygiene: Spilled milk, burps & toilet accidents are part & parcel of parenting. However no one likes to place their babies in a stinking car seat. The car seat you buy for your child should have removable & washable seat covers. The process to remove the seat cover should be simple to ensure that the covers can be easily washed.
  4. Durable: A car seat is an investment. Though there are multiple options available in the market, always go for a car seat that is durable; in terms of quality as well as tenure of use. We bought the LuvLap Sports car seat as it could be used for a child of upto 4 years of age, starting from 0 months. Buying a car seat only to change it after a year is not as useful as buying a car seat that can be used from birth till the age of 4.  Also, check the weight range of the car seat you buy. The car seats have a set range of weight it can bear. For eg;  the one we bought had the capacity of upto 13 kgs in rearward position &upto 18 kgs in forward facing position.
  5. Quality: The car seat you invest in should be sturdy and be of top-notch quality. The LuvLap Sports car seat has the best quality of frame. It is made with finest plastic to ensure it stands the course of time and stays sturdy throughout. Also, its quality offers side impact protection to help save the baby from a bumpy ride.

These are basic points to take care of while buying a car seat. We should not wait for the Government to impose a law to take care of your most loved ones.

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