A baby carrier gives a mother the wings she always wanted!

A baby carrier gives a mother the wings she always wanted!

A baby carrier gives a mother the wings she always wanted!

By Anjali Susan Paul| July 14, 2020

Focus Product: Elite Baby Carrier

It had just been a couple of months since I had delivered my baby. I had my baby when I was just 24, so I was adamant that I wouldn’t miss out on all the fun things, just because I had a baby. I used to go everywhere, from malls to restaurants, I never missed out on any outing.

However, one such expedition, a long day of shopping with my best friend, left me exhausted. Carrying my little boy the whole day in my hands and stepping in and out of each shop was an experience that I found unexpectedly harrowing. As I massaged my aching arms after the long tiring day, I saw a mother wearing her baby and sauntering across the lobby of the mall. She looked so comfortable and at ease which made me immediately flip open my phone and research about the concept of baby wearing. On reading more I found out that baby wearing is basically the practice of carrying a baby in a sling or a special carrier.

I was amazed at the plethora of benefits that baby wearing had to offer new mothers. Some of them were:

  1. Strengthens the bond between parent and baby as you get to go on with your everyday chores without having to part from your baby.
  2. Allows you to be hands-free and enjoy that stroll, picnic or visit to the supermarket that you didn’t want to miss out on.
  3. Studies have indicated decreased rates of postpartum depression in mothers who wear their babies.
  4. It helps in soothing babies as babies who are worn by their parents are found to cry less and are found to be happier.
  5. Baby wearing allows you to carry them in a position that is beneficial to their physical health and development.

On seeing me going to purchase a new baby carrier, one of my cousins offered the LuvLap Elite Baby Carrier that she used for her baby that was still in great condition. I was delighted to make use of this pre-loved baby carrier.

This particular LuvLap Elite Baby Carrier was not only stylish but was also super comfortable.

Now I could carry my baby wherever I went.

Some of the features that make LuvLap Elite Baby Carrie- a must buy are:

  1. It allows to carry the baby in three positions namely, inward facing, one shoulder carrying style and piggy back style.
  2. It’s specially designed two shoulder belts and one waist belt lends superior lumbar support.
  3. A detachable sleeping hood that allows the baby to relax and sleep peacefully.
  4. The shoulder straps and waist straps are padded which provides extra comfort and security.
  5. The shoulder strap and chest strap buckle ensure enhanced safety.

The LuvLap Elite Baby Carrier is a must have gear for every mother or parent who does not have to forego the activities and things she enjoys doing just because she has become a mother.

LuvLap Elite Baby Carrier takes our babies back to their safe place which is our arms. With their tiny bodies pressed against ours and their little hearts beating against ours, it gives them a sense of security while giving us just the wings we need.

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