6 Things you should know before buying a buggy!!

6 Things you should know before buying a buggy!!

6 Things you should know before buying a buggy!!

By Aakanksha Vohra | July 14, 2020

Focus Product:  City Buggy

Modern parenting comes with a lot of ease (at least so say the yesteryear parents), my grandmother often tells me how tough it was for her to carry her kids everywhere but how easy it is for mothers of today because we have carrier belts. Well I won't say that she was completely wrong but modern parenting comes with challenges of different kinds which only we the parents of today would understand.

We are a travel loving couple and have always loved to explore new places but after becoming parents it definitely became a little tougher. My husband had to carry our daughter everywhere on his arms and he could barely see places and that was inconvenient for our daughter too because at times she would want to rest, relax or even sleep but all that was not possible. We had a pram back then but it was not possible to carry it while travelling because of its bulkiness, so we changed our travelling preferences but we knew that deep inside we were disappointed that we could not travel freely anymore.

So when my son was born we were determined to not change our travelling habits but find alternatives. We waited for some time, and when he hit the age of a toddler, that is when we decided to buy a buggy for him but before buying a buggy we wanted to ensure that -

  1. Is the brand that we choose reliable? You can easily trust a brand you are already using.
  2. Is the buggy compact and easy to fold and carry? We already had a bulky and complex pram and didn't want another such gear.
  3. Is the buggy equally comfortable for babies and toddlers? You won't want to buy a gear which your child outgrows in a couple of months.
  4. Does the buggy have a different reclining position so as to keep the child comfortable throughout? Kids also tend to take naps in between strolling so a buggy should be able to allow them to sleep in 180° position.
  5. While it should be compact but is it sturdy and safe enough? No one wants to compromise there.
  6. Does the buggy have enough space to carry little one's important stuff so that you drive buggy free hands?

These are few things which one must know before buying a buggy so I decided to do some research before buying one.

So while reading about many baby gears I read about this LuvLap City Buggy which I found ideal for parents like us. The best things that I found in LuvLap City Buggy are -

  1. LuvLap City Buggy is easy to fold and compact making it great for travel in the city, outside the city or even outside the country.
  2. It has 3 position seat recline so the baby can sit and enjoy when in a playful mood, recline a bit to rest and even lie down to nap. This is very important to keep the kid comfortable.
  3. LuvLap City Buggy has a 5 point safety harness which again is very crucial, especially while traveling when one is exposed to various types of roads and terrains.
  4. It can carry up to 15kgs which makes it ideal for toddlers.
  5. There is a looking window in a canopy through which you can see your little one whenever you want.
  6. LuvLap City Buggy has adjustable leg support and extended footrest making it comfortable for toddlers.
  7. It has a storage basket to carry all the baby stuff so that your hands are free.

And since LuvLap has always been our preferred brand (we have tried and tested its other products), it did not take us much time to decide that LuvLap City Buggy  is the answer to our lookout for a travel partner.

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