5 Ways to Make Travelling With Your Baby Easy

5 Ways to Make Travelling With Your Baby Easy

5 Ways to Make Travelling With Your Baby Easy

By Poorvi Khare | July 14, 2020

Focus Product: Elegant Baby Carrier

"You can't travel with a 6-month-old baby!"

"You shouldn't travel right now, he doesn't even walk yet!"

"At least wait until he is a little older."

These were a few things amongst others we got to hear whenever we used to travel or planned a trip with our baby. And those concerns weren't completely wrong. Traveling with a baby is not easy; there are so many things to consider when planning a trip with a little one.

It’s hard, but not that hard! It just takes meticulous pre-planning, preparations, and supportive baby gear such as Elegant Baby Carrier when traveling with infants and toddlers.

Here, I am sharing 5 ways to make traveling with your baby easy;

  • Choose a Relaxing Destination and an Easy Schedule: Try to avoid destinations that include a lot of walking, hiking, or physical activities. Doing these things when you have to carry your baby most of the time will exhaust you. Keep your schedule light that allows some rest and naps in between.
  • Pack Smartly: I know, with a baby you can never pack enough. But instead of piling luggage, do it smartly. For example, don't pack too many diapers, it's available in most of the places, so if your destination is not remote, you can pack less and buy things there.
  • Medical Kit: Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Consult your pediatrician; get a prescription for cold, cough, stomach ache, and loose motions, etc. Pack all those medicines with you. If you are going to a city or town, look up a pediatrician or a physician beforehand.
  • Bring some Baby Entertainment: Pack 1 or 2 toys, storybooks, and download some kid's videos. Your baby needs to be entertained and happy on those long flights or train journeys.
  • Wear your Baby: This is one of the most important things you could do to make traveling with your baby safe and easy. For baby wearing, I swear by the Elegant Baby Carrier by LuvLap, one of the most trusted brands for baby care products.  It has been my best friend since I started wearing my baby.

Here are some awesome features of the Elegant Baby Carrier, that makes it a must-have travel gear for babies;

  • 4 Carrying Positions: This is my favorite feature. You can carry your baby in the position you need; facing out, facing in, piggyback, and horizontal feeding position. Since I exclusively breastfed my baby, the horizontal position was a blessing for me.
  • 3 Belts for Better Support: It has 2 shoulder belts and 1 waist belt for better lumbar support. It protects you from waist and lower- back pain. The baby carrier also has an adjustable chest strap for added support.
  • Breathable Mesh: The shoulder straps are padded and easily adjustable. The straps come with breathable mesh fabric lining, making it comfortable for parents.
  • Removable Hard Board:  The Elegant Baby Carrier comes with a removable hard board with air holes that provide support to the baby's head and back.
  • Highly Cushioned: The highly cushioned armholes and leg openings make sure your baby is comfortable, and protect his delicate arms and legs from chafing and soreness.
  • Adjustable Side Opening Buckle: It has an adjustable side opening buckle, which gives an extra layer of safety and comfort for the baby.
  • Front Pocket: With babies, you can never have enough supplies of napkins, wipes, and diapers. The front pocket can hold these small items and helps you in sudden mishaps of baby vomiting, and pooping, etc.

The Elegant Baby Carrier is certified as per European Standard EN 13209 which makes this product absolutely safe for little ones! If you are thinking of buying a baby carrier, I recommend all parents to go forit. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Hope these tips will help you in planning your next trip with your baby. Happy Traveling Folks!

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